Royal Baby is a Boy…Suddenly I’m Less Interested in All of This

At 4:24PM today, Kate Middleton gave birth to her and William’s much-anticipated royal baby. And that baby was a boy. Ultimate letdown, amirite?

Unless Kate raises this kid the way Rachel Zoe does with her son, Skyler, then I really don’t see the fun in any of it. I wanted it to be a girl. I wanted baby’s first Birkin and pink Swarovski encrusted rattles gifted from Beyonce and Jay Z. I wanted Suri Cruise to have a fashionable English rival. Hell, I wanted the damn kid to have my name! (Which, for the record, was the #1 most bet-on name among the bookies.)

But no. I We don’t get any of it. Thanks a lot, kid. Anyone have guesses at what the name of the royal baby will be now that Alexandra is out of the running?

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