These Sexist Relationship Tips Are the Most Disturbing Thing I’ve Read All Day

In perusing my favorite sites this morning to see what was going on in the world, I happened to click on a post called “10 Stellar Relationship Hacks From Reddit”. Knowing that Reddit users usually have some wise and unique perspectives, I was expecting relationship tips that, you know, would actually be helpful. Or at least intelligent.

What I found, however, was completely shocking, totally weird and somewhat insulting. Take a look at this one, for example:

Hide chocolate around the house, in random places. When roommate/girlfriend is PMSing, crampy, hormonal, and miserable, and calls me at work to complain about feeling terrible, tell her to look behind the silverware tray, under the couch cushion, behind the plant, etc. Instant comfort, and it shows that you care enough to go to the trouble to prevent problems before they happen.

Of course, this can lead to her craving chocolate when she’s not feeling crampy and awful, which can lead to you coming home to find her trapped on top of the fridge, unable to get down, after having searched for chocolate.
– danudey

I’m sorry — are we talking about a human being or a cat here? And the tips really just get more awkward from there. If you’re in the mood to cringe a little, see what other amazing suggestions Redditors have for your relationship.

[Lead image via Miriam Doerr/Shutterstock]

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