2 Chainz To Release Cookbook, Says He Eats Like A White Person

Rapper 2 Chainz is set to release a cookbook with his next album. If you’re familiar with 2 Chainz’s lyrics then this will come as no surprise since the rapper loves to sing about delicious, healthy food.

2 Chainz said of his diet, “When I see my Instagram people say ‘you eat like a white person’.” I think people mean healthy person. 

“People don’t know that I have huge stomach issues – I have ulcers, I have acid reflux… so, certain supplements or certain prescriptions that I take is not something that people may think I’m abusing – I really have prescriptions for certain things… so of course I’ve got a chef, and I have to eat a certain way. By me eating a certain way, it has changed my life… I’ve got a glow… it’s about what I’m putting inside my body.”

According to the ‘Birthday Song’ lyrics, 2 Chainz is pretty consistent with his dietary needs, “Scrr..Scrr.. wrists moving, cooking, getting to it / I’m in the kitchen, yams everywhere.” Yams are a healthy carbohydrate and can help prevent cardiovascular disease!

Big-booty-lover, health guru, chainz-wearer—he is a man of many hats. 2 Chainz continued, “I’m cool enough to be comfortable in my own skin and try to educate people, so with this cookbook I’m gonna have probably about 14 to 15 meals, how ever many songs it is.”

2 Chainz has previously discussed this in ‘I Luv Dem Strippers,’ saying, “When I’m in the kitchen/I make plenty cash.” It’s almost as if he was foreshadowing the massive sales of his cookbook-to-be!

“I treat this rap like a sport, that’s my angle… very few athletes eat fried food all day long, or all month long… it clogs up arteries, cholesterol, and things of that nature. Black people, the leading cause of death is high blood pressure. All that kind of comes from what you eat, so yeah, I eat salads and stuff like that.”

2 Chainz also expressed the health concerns of his community in ‘I Luv Dem Strippers,’ he said, “Working in the pot, I can make you do aerobics.” He’s trying to get us to exercise and we haven’t even noticed.

If this isn’t convincing you, when clearly it SHOULD BE, in the album track, ‘Wut We Doin?’ 2 Chainz discusses alludes healthy diet once again. “Versace, cheese on my broccoli / Gold rollie on all you watchin’ all my watches /Stretchin’ out like pilates.” Broccoli and cheese is a healthy lunch option and the man clearly is building his core strength with pilates.

However, I  have to say it’s imperative 2 Chainz watch his cheese intake. In the song ‘In Town,’ 2 Chainz indulges quite a bit,”Dippin it like fondue, spinach dip, cheese stick / Appetizers, entrees, it’s you in that lingerie.” Fondue is delicious and great—in moderation. I understand though, I have been long tempted by the cheese goddess.

Seriously though, 2 Chainz definitely loves food. The rapper’s entire Instagram are just images of healthy balanced meals. I can only hope that he and Paula Deen have a cooking show together in which they discuss racial issues and 2 Chainz educates her how to make more healthy food choices. Are you excited for the 2 Chainz cookbook?

COOKBOOK on the WAY http://t.co/eZIQ47Tz9v

— Tity Boi (2 Chainz) (@2chainz) July 18, 2013

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