Two Friends Start a Blog and Date for 40 Days to See if Opposites Attract

[I would like to go on record as saying this is the worst idea ever.] So there are these two friends who are total opposites. Jessica is very type-A and a hopeless romantic. Tim is a by-the-seat-of-his-pants Cassanova who can’t be bothered with commitment. What happens when they make a pact to date for 40 days in order to learn about themselves, their dating techniques and potentially find love in a hopeless place?

Behold 40 Days of Dating, the blog where they’re in the process of documenting each day of this harebrained experiment. I started reading the site with so much hope — it was like a romantic comedy, I was mentally casting Rachel Bilson and Ryan Reynolds in leading rolls! Spoiler alert: Jessica and Tim are currently only on day 16 of their dating endeavor and things are already looking grim. There likely won’t be a happy ending. On the bright side, we have 24 more days of this slow car wreck to watch.

Is this something you would do with your best guy friend? Or would it just spell disaster?


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