Kate Middleton Hasn’t Lost Her Baby Weight Yet. What’s Taking So Long?

All day I’ve been seeing headlines about Kate Middleton and her post-baby body. Please keep in mind that it has barely been a full two days since she, a human being, squeezed another (albeit smaller) human being out of her body. TLC’s A Baby Story and common sense both lead me to believe that’s no small feat.

The fact that anyone is even entertaining the questions of when Kate’ll be back to her super fit, pre-baby self is a little absurd at this point. She emerged from the hospital to bring home the royal baby yesterday in wedge heels, a dress and with an immaculately blown out weave. At that point it was 24 hours after she gave birth to little Prince George Alexander. Homegirl had every right to debut her baby to the public in sweat pants and a baggy tee. What new mother do you know who trots around in heels while lugging an almost 9 lb. newborn?

But “it’s her job to look good”, you say? That was the exact response of one blogger’s mother, and I doubt she’s alone in voicing that opinion. OK Magazine had headlines across their cover debating how quickly Kate’ll drop the baby weight. Even the Huffington Post jumped on the bandwagon with a sensationalized take on the royal family’s departure from the hospital, placing the emphasis on Kate’s body.

Do you feel like all this speculation is fair? Just because Kate Middleton is in the public eye, should she be held to the typical “Hollywood” set of standards?

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