Your Pretty Little Liars Cheat Sheet: Season 4, Episode 7

This week on Pretty Little Liars was all about the other characters! It was interesting to see the show mix it up a bit but I lacked my usual “Omigod, do these girls have brains?” moments as I watched this week. There was barely any Spencer or Emily this week! Here’s what happened:

1. Hanna has a breakdown: I have a heart and I’m totally sympathetic and all that but Hanna barely did anything on this week’s episode. Ever since her mom got sent to jail, she’s become a real Debbie Downer. For one, she wore no kooky clothes this week but instead she wore a plain black shirt, no makeup and cried a lot. She also paid the bills. I want regular Hanna back! I need her to be catty and wear neon jeggings while she investigates a murder scene. Snap out of it and get to solvin’ mysteries! I can’t take anymore montages of Hanna crying while sad music plays.

2. Toby and Caleb=Coby: Not the best couple name but this week, the boyfriends teamed up to find out Red Coat’s identity. For two guys who have barely talked this entire series they seemed like a regular bosom buddy (does anyone use that phrase anymore?) detective duo! Their little partnership was quite effective though. For once the show didn’t lead any of the gang to a creepy, abandoned house but to a small airport instead. It took a bit of good cop, bad cop but the boys were able to find out that the airport employee made a dummy flight schedule for CeCe, which may have given her the opportunity to set the fire and  kill Wilden. Coby, the new Sherlock & Watson.

3. Ezra, the Hero: Ever since him and Aria broke up, the writers have been scrambling to give him some purpose on the show. It’s not working. When he comforted Hanna in the school hallway and she told him he was a good guy, I had a “what?” moment. This doublespeak between him as a teacher and him as Aria’s ex-lover is more than a blurred line at this point. I know I couldn’t take any teacher man seriously if I knew he used to get it from a 17 year-old even if she was my friend. The Ezra, the good guy, plot continued when he stood up to the principal on Mike’s behalf. Of course, this lead him and Aria to have  a meaningful gaze moment at his apartment but no action yet…it’s only a matter of time at this point. He also looked like a 90s throwback in his light colored jeans and open flannel shirt, which was probably chosen to subliminally remind us that he’s not her age.

4. Mike becomes a real character: Since Aria doesn’t seem to have a man in her life at the  moment, (btw, what happened to Jake? That romance seemed to last all of five seconds) so they’ve decided to make Mike (read in your best Pinocchio voice) a “Real boy!” on the show. Too bad his plot line revolves on whether Mike got all Carrie Underwood on his fellow lax bro and smashed his car to pieces on Aria’s behalf. We still  have no idea if he did it or not but I’m intrigued by the younger Montgomery sibling. He has great eyebrows and an attitude, a deadly combination.

5. Aria discovers porn: As I stated before, no one had to go to a creepy house this episode! But the three functioning members of the group did break into Wilden’s old apartment. They didn’t find that much since they clearly weren’t the first ones to ransack the place (that building needs better security) but they did find a package of fancy steak and a note from A to meet him at the barbecue. Well, we know he never made it. While at the apartment, Aria discovered that some grown men do indeed keep porn in their home. So educational, this show.

AND A CAR RAN INTO EMILY’S HOUSE. That’s it for this week!

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