Virginia Tech Student Writes Letter To Nirvana For Homecoming Message

Why didn’t anyone tell this Virginia Tech student, running for homecoming, that writing a letter to Nirvana to win the competition would only return me giggling in my desk chair? Nirvana disbanded after Kurt Cobain commit suicide. Why didn’t they just ask The Beatles for a homecoming message? Or Led Zeppelin? ┬áThe anonymous student took the time to find out what record label Nirvana was signed to, which is Sub Pop. They took the time to figure out where to send the letter. But still failed to see that Nirvana aren’t together anymore?

The letter requests that Nirvana send a quick iPhone video endorsing Virginia Tech’s homecoming under the premise ┬áthat it would be great publicity for one of the biggest bands in the world. “It presents great publicity for them, and as Virginia Tech loves Nirvana, we’d love to have her in our video. They would be one among artists including Big N Rich, Ying Yang Twins, the Cataracs, Slightly Stoopid, and three famous NFL Players.”

Yeah, this student tweeting about Nirvana will surely make them the next big thing. Here is the letter on amazing stationary. I hope this is a joke because it’s amazing.

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