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Uh-Oh! Which Politician Is At It Again With the Sexting?


Like come on, dude. I get that sexting can be fun, but when you’re a middle-aged politician running for public office, it seems like the sending back and forth of dirty pics should be placed on hold for a little while. It seems.

But that’s not the case for one married candidate, who is once again coming under fire for explicit photos and chats he exchanged with a young woman (who is not his wife) on Facebook. The photo above is just one example of the apparently over 30 pictures that were exchanged between the two people.

Would you vote for someone who had a history of sexting? What about for someone who has cheated on their spouse? Does a candidate’s personal life impact the way they’ll perform in office?

Check TMZ to see which kinky politico has been caught, literally, with his pants around his ankles!