Katie Tells All: We Interviewed One “Bachelor” Contestant About Her Time on the Show

When I heard rumors around my yoga studio that one of my favorite teachers, Katie, was going to be on this past season of The Bachelor, I nearly fainted. When she agreed to answer some burning Bachelor fan questions for me, I nearly died.

I knew Katie from yoga as a wonderful teacher who always pushed me, and always inspired me more than any teacher I’ve had before. I knew Katie from The Bachelor as the girl who came out of the limo without shoes and left after wearing a horrifying vampire costume.

In exploring her experience on the show with her, I learned some fantastic things not only about the show, but about the girl as well! Read on and I swear you’ll find some of your long lasting Bachelor questions answered!

Have you been watching any of this season? If so…any red flags about the boys?

I have seen very, very little of this season–like under 15 minutes total. I was a big fan of Des in my short time in the house. She’s as kind and real as they portray her on the show, which I’m afraid might make for a slightly boring season. No sloppy drama with that one, I suspect.

The number one question I’ve always had: Did you have to bring your own wardrobe? If so, how many sparkly pretty dresses does a person possibly own and how did you make this possible?

You do have to bring your own wardrobe, which put me at a severe disadvantage considering I wear spandex all day, every day teaching yoga. I freaked out pretty heavily about it and then borrowed from my friends, bought some stuff on the cheap (think: Forever 21 and H&M) and was lucky enough to have a few items donated by Lotus, a local boutique here in Charlotte. That pink dress I had on on night one came from them (and was promptly returned as soon as I got home).

The number two question I’ve always had: Do people eat on the show? Or is it an all liquid diet?

Oh my god, there’s so much food. And alcohol. It’s weird, but the mansion becomes your home so it’s kind of like a really jacked up, well-stocked sorority house. The pantry, fridge, freezer, etc. were all overflowing with food to accommodate everyone’s dietary restrictions — I’m vegetarian, Catherine’s vegan, Kacie B’s gluten-free. You cook for yourself, but at rose ceremonies they lay out a whole catered spread. There was also a lot of candy. I recall eating so so so many M&Ms. There is, of course, no shortage of every single kind of alcohol you could imagine (in the house and in the limos) but it’s a self-serve situation and you choose whether or not to partake. Clearly some partake in more than their fair share. I didn’t drink anything on night one.

Knowing you in the yoga studio, I was a little surprised when I learned you were going on The Bachelor. What sparked this decision?

Prior to going on the show I was a huge fan of it. The formula is always the same and it’s terribly predictable — someone will act like an idiot on night one, someone will have a gut-wrenching sob story, someone will be there just for fame, everything will be the most dramatic (fill in the blank) EVER, and the couple will never last — but whatever they’re doing they’re doing right because I, along with millions others, watched it religiously. It had always been a running joke with boyfriends, friends and family that I’d be on it one day. When they came through Charlotte for casting I was like, “What the hell?” And that was that.

What expectations did you have going into the show? (Were you there for the right reasons?)

I don’t think I had any expectations going in. I guess I thought I’d have a lot more fun with it, but I learned quickly that that was not the case.

Tell me your favorite memory of the show. And also the worst. 

Favorite: Definitely someone else doing my makeup on night one. I don’t know how. Also walking in on night one and seeing Kristy Kaminski, who I actually know from college. I was like, “What. the. hell.” What are the odds? I don’t think they ever mentioned that bit of biographical background info.

Worst: Dear god, that vampire photo shoot. They’re going down the line and they’re like, “Sexy cowgirl… Sexy Victorian maiden… Sexy sexpot… You, you will be a vampire and we will make you look awful.” I got so much shit for how my hair looked on that episode (which, by the way, I never even saw) and I assure you it was not my doing. They teased it out, put a million bobby pins in it, sprayed what I estimated was an entire can of hairspray and were all: Voila! The fake fangs were secured with denture cream (not hot) and I couldn’t stop getting red lipstick all over them (not hot). I was a disaster. I then had less than 15 minutes to undo all of it and get cocktail party-ready for the second half of the evening. That’s about the time I lost it and bailed.

Do you still keep in touch with anyone from your season? 

Almost all of us are friends on Facebook and Twitter. I’m not nearly as connected as the girls that live in LA or spent more time together filming. But I have no issues with anyone and actually enjoy them all a lot more post-show. From a distance.

Were you aware as a fellow contestant who Sean had connections with and who he didn’t? Did you get the vibe that a lot of people were hanging around just to be on TV, or did everyone really think they stood a chance?

Catherine was definitely one of my favorite people in the house immediately. She’s just normal and cool and hilarious. But I left so early that I don’t think any of the “connections” were really forming yet (or apparent to me, anyway). That early in the game your time with him is very limited. We had probably a 90-second conversation on night one, I bit his neck in the photoshoot, and that was it. I don’t know how you form a connection on that, but when I started seeing other girls throwing themselves at the opportunity to make something out of interactions so trivial I was like, “I’m out.” On the night I left I felt positive that Sean and Kacie would end up together, which just shows how far off I was.

Has post Bachelor life been any different from you? Do people stop and ask you if you’re the girl who didn’t wear shoes? 

I’ve had very few “Bachelor spottings” since coming home and they always seem to occur when I’m sweaty and makeup-less and drinking wine by myself. Which is pretty par for the course.

 And, final question… Any regrets?

When I first got home but before the show aired I was miserable. I was so nervous about completely irrational things — like that my dress would be see-through or that they’d portray me as a total crazy. At that time, I regretted everything. In the end I got very little airtime and, I think, was represented fairly — as a girl who was down for an adventure but landed way out of her element and simply didn’t belong. I consider it kind of a blip on my life radar, but I found that once I got home it left me feeling more driven and directed than I had in a long time. Whether that was an attempt to over-compensate for going on a reality show or an honest desire to do something meaningful with my existence, I don’t know. But I suspect it was a bit of both. Either way, I’m in a good place.

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