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Trailer for “Romeo and Juliet” Released: Will Go You See It In Theaters? [Video]


There’s going to be another Romeo and Juliet reboot, but this time it’s starring Hailee Steinfeld, Douglas Booth and Chuck Bass Ed Westwick. Definitely one for the CW/teen crowd, it’s the polar opposite of Baz Luhrman’s 90s interpretation that most of us grew up with. While I’m not typically on board for watered down period dramas, I can’t deny that I’ll probably be going to see this.

Hailee Steinfeld was great in True Grit and Ed Westwick knows how to play a tortured asshole like no one else, so I’m expecting the cast to really bring great performances all around. And guess who plays Papa Capulet? None other than Homeland’s Damian Lewis.

Watch the trailer and let me know what you think!

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