Lady Gaga Gets Naked in Her New ‘ARTPOP’ Artwork

Lady Gaga is back in the spotlight after months of laying low. Last night, the pop diva unveiled the artwork for her new single, which will be the first release from the upcoming album, ARTPOP. ARTPOP has been getting much hype in the media, specifically because Gaga has been out of the spotlight for so long. There is a lot riding on her shoulders

She tweeted this to 39 million followers and wrote:

The photo shows Gaga wearing just a pair of black ankle boots and some crazy glasses while sitting on a chair made of computer parts. Did we mention that she is completely naked? Of course, the pose she’s in conveniently covers up all her lady business. The funniest thing about this photo is that Lady Gaga being naked is nothing super shocking, right? I mean, what else is new? The girl has arrived on red carpets in plastic eggs and crossed-dressed as an alter ego named Jo Calderone.

I think that Gaga could have done something a little crazier to get the world’s attention, but I will say, homegirl looks gorgeous.

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