Recap: The Newsroom Season 2, Episode 3 [A Bro’s Thoughts]

Sorry about last week folks, I was out at Comic-Con for the weekend, and well, The Newsroom kind of hit the back burner last Sunday. Suffice to say, not TOO much happened last week, which is okay. There was a lot less melodrama this week and much more characterization within ACN itself, and the seemingly season-long plot line of ‘Operation Genoa,’ has taken a big upswing. Let’s recap, shall we?

In Which Will & Charlie Take On The Tabloids

Will has found that that former flame Nina Howard, a gossip columnist, has found out that he was not sick during the 9/11 broadcast, but rather, taken off the air. Through a bunch of over-the-top gestures and genuine nice-ness (that we may never see from Will again), Will got Nina to pull the story. Meanwhile, Charlie and Will went on a quest to prove that they were right in terms against Resse for trying to screw them out of ACN, but instead just gave easily what could have been the best dialogue between two characters of the entire series. Seriously. The conversations between Will & Charlie have easily been the highlights not only of this season so far, but of the entire series.

In Which Mac & The New Guy Are Going To Commit Treason

So this whole ‘Operation Genoa’ thing is going next level. We’ve got a GI telling two news producers of a major war crime. Suffice to say, I’m really not feeling this Jerry Dantana dude coming in and thinking he can run some stuff and come up with a better story than Jim about some crazy Black Op that no one has ever heard of. I’m surprised Mac is going with it as much as she is. Sure, the end of the episode had a nice cliffhanger from some translated tweets, but as always, tweets don’t translate into news, right? I don’t know. I feel like from such a good first season of revamping a newsroom, this Operation Genoa thing is going a little haphazard, loose, and frankly, kind of dulls the season.

In Which Don Fixes A Chair

No. Really. That’s all he does. He kind of flirts with Sloane, too. Let’s be real, they’re perfect for each other and are the couple we all cheer for. (To think how we all hated Don last season.)

In Which We All Hate Jim Because He’s An Annoying Bitch Now

We get it, Jim. (And Newsroom writers.) Jim’s on the Romney campaign and wants answers. So he stages a coup. And Looks like a big loser for it. While it’s nice to see him get some attention from another girl (Hallie Shae); it’s not the best option to get kicked off the PAID campaign bus and try to figure out how to do everything yourself so you can do ‘real’ reporting. It’s an election campaign, Jim. Everyone else in the world knows that 90% of it all is bullshit. Why don’t you?

This episode was definitely watchable and fun, but mostly because some characters were streamlined for bigger arcs from the main guys. Maggie goes to Africa next episode, so that should be interesting. Neal takes his ‘Occupy Wall Street’ coverage to the next level, so that should be fun to watch as well. As previously stated, there was no real News Night episode in this episode, so maybe we’ll get more from the broadcast itself instead of the behind the scenes drama. Either way, The Newsroom will have me watching next week. Check out a trailer below:

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