The Top 10 Steamiest Onscreen Couples Of All Time

Let’s discuss the steamy, sexy, passionate relationships that have appeared in TV and film over the past 20 or so years. Confession: I get way too into fictional events, whether we’re talking books, TV, or movies. I grew up on the thrill of fiction. As a 16 year old at an all girls school, I pretty much had to live vicariously through the romance I saw on screen, getting giddy over Serena and Dan’s first kiss, and crying genuine tears over Jim and Pam. But this post isn’t about the most adorable, or the most romantic couples of all time. Today we’re talking about passion, chemistry, and sex. Here are 15 of the steamiest couples that have ever graced our TV and movie screens, in no particular order:

I’m sure I’ve forgotten loads of extremely sexy couples, so get involved. Leave a comment below telling us your top picks for the steamiest onscreen couples of all time!

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