Science Says You Were Moving The Ouija Board Thing-y

Nooooooo, it’s reeeeeeeeeal. Half of my family is way into “mystical” shit and they swear by the Ouija board. Apparently, it was all in their minds. Science says, because science is a person, that our minds are capable of unconsciously creating movements. This phenomenon is called “the ideomotor effect.”

According to the BBC study, “That we can make movements that we don’t realize we’re making suggests that we shouldn’t be so confident in our other judgements about what movements we think are ours.”

Essentially, you can be convinced you’ve moved things you haven’t and convinced that you didn’t move things you have. I would have to say, I’ve been tricked many a time by my brother who convinced me we were speaking to an 18th century orphan who died in a fire.

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