The 7 Most Overrated Places to Have Sex

In a recent study conducted by British car manufacturer, BBA Reman, 49% of people admitted to having sex in a car at some point in their lifetime. I thought that number was surprisingly low. Despite the complications the limited space presents, sex in cars is everywhere. Movies, TV shows, music videos — if there is a car, you can bet someone’s having sex in it at some point. It got me thinking about other completely overrated places to have sex. Here are a few.

1. Car. Like I said, there is limited space in a car. No matter if you lay the seat all the way back or lay down in the back, unless you are having sex with a man child, room is going to be at a premium.

2. Outside. I understand the whole appeal. It’s dangerous. You could get caught. But on the other hand, it’s dangerous and you could get caught. And you have to go so quickly that you can’t be enjoying anything

3. The counter. Ouch.

4. The kitchen floor. I think Mr. And Mrs. Smith romanticized sex in the kitchen. Their scene was all calm and peaceful and sensual and had some light salsa music playing in the background. Sex on the kitchen floor isn’t quite that easy like a Sunday morning.

5. In the pool. Drowning is a real thing, people.

6. The shower. I’m black. I’m not about to get my hair wet.

7. Your parents’ bed. I’ve heard of a lot of people doing this. Whatever floats your boat. Personally, I don’t want to procreate anywhere near where I was made.

[Lead image via Aliyev Alexei Sergeevich/Shutterstock]

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