“The Bachelorette” Finally Delivers the Most Dramatic Episode Yet

Chris Harrison has been promising literally for weeks now that this would be the most dramatic episode of The Bachelorette yet. And he did not disappoint. Despite a 45 minute crying scene that really needed subtitles, and some poor editing on the part of ABC, this episode seriously broke my heart.

It’s rare that we see real emotion on this show. In fact, the last time I remember feeling like this was when Sean let Desiree go. Their break up was just very real—they both cared for each other, but it just wasn’t right. That’s a hard place to be in, and I know we’ve all experienced it.

Brooks has really big questions. And he doesn’t know why he isn’t ready at this point to say he loves Des. The answer? He’s a normal dude who is taking this very seriously. He does not want to propose to someone he met 9 weeks ago, if he’s not sure.

Despite the fact that this break up scene was 35 minutes too long, it was all quite heart wrenching. Honestly, just writing this I’m getting a little bit sad!

The one upside, I suppose, is that Des is finally able to be honest about her feelings. She tells Brooks, “Do you know why I was conflicted through this whole thing? Because I only wanted to give my heart to you” This…. Is crazy. There’s no way that she can choose anyone else after this. How could she be engaged to Chris or Drew or have them watch this? Also, how was she just sleeping with 2 other men? And also, still had 2 other men she was actively dating.

Here are my two final thoughts from tonight’s show:

1. Dating is the worst. Period. Des fell in love with this man, and for whatever reason, even with all the right circumstances, it didn’t work. Sometimes things don’t work. And it sucks and it hurts.

2. This show has always been so lop-sided. She has done this to 22 other men on this season, and now he’s doing it to her. He’s not a terrible person. They dated for 8 weeks, and he decided that he wasn’t in love with her. So before he met her parents and before he slept with her and before he put her in a position where she was expecting a proposal, he was honest and he left.

Brooks was honest, and I respect that. But I’m still hoping he’ll be back… I’m having a harder time than Des in accepting that this is the end.

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