15 TV Shows You Should Watch For Their Amazing Finales

TV finales can make or break a series’ run. Being that it’s the end, the finale is the last impression that a show will ever leave you with and it has a lot of responsibilities: wrap up questions, resolve dangling plot threads (often times some that have been dangling for YEARS), and provide the end of the road for characters that you might have loved, hated or loved to hate. There have been some incredibly disappointing finales to glorious runs and some surprisingly potent finales for shows that seemed like they’d never get it together. Here are some shows whose finales are can’t-miss TV and give back for all that you’ll give to the show…

Whew! That was quite a list and a lot of rewatching of absolutely awesome (some disappointing upon 2nd viewing) television. There are tons of great series that didn’t get highlighted and tons of great finales. What are some of your favorites?

“Heeeeeeeere’s The Dude!”

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