I Got My Astrological Birth Chart Done

Alex and I got our birth charts done by a friend of mine, Jordan Tierney. A birth chart is described as, “a map of the solar system for the exact time and place of your birth, it’s a blueprint of your personality and represents a set of potentials, with the contents being added through the experiences of life.”

We gave Jordan our place, date and time of birth and a program generated a birth chart for each of us. Jordan interpreted what all the shit about moons and rising signs meant. The result was an incredibly thorough report that described our personality, strengths, faults, how others see us and how we communicate.

We were both shocked at how deliciously accurate it was—to the point of describing our childhoods—WEIRD. Here are a few bullet points from the very, very extensive report I got. (P.S. I’m a Libra.)

My Self Identity – “Being restless, original and rebellious, you need to be seen as an individual with the freedom to make your own choices and your own way in life. You don’t like being taken for granted and at times will deliberately shock others with your unpredictable conduct.”

This sounds a lot like myself. I am certainly someone who is proud to march to the beat of a different drummer and have been told that I am difficult to gauge or pin down by others. I think I try to deliberately shock others, not in a scary, punch-a-baby way, but by revealing sides of me that are unexpected, yet still there, whenever someone tries to pigeonhole me. When I was in secondary school, I’d often shock my peers by “talking back” to teachers in spite of my reputation for being an overachiever.

Recognition – “You have a deep-seated need to be in control. You project yourself as a powerful individual who needs to be reckoned with. You will often attempt to take charge, feeling that you are the only person who is able to create order out of the chaos you perceive around you. However, this attitude, together with a refusal to compromise or back down, can occasionally bring you into conflict with parents or other people in authority. Your personal relationships may also become a battleground in which you or your partner attempt to dominate and manipulate the other in order to show who is really the boss.”

Also true, I had a pretty chaotic childhood and would try to creator order because I sought stability. It felt like a burden sometimes but it was an effective way for me to cope with family drama. I don’t see myself as manipulative or a good schemer because I am an awful, awful liar. However, I can’t really know, I’d have to date myself I guess.

Foundations – “Your relationship with your parents as a child would have probably been without major conflicts and this has carried into adulthood. You generally get on with your parents; they’re always there to lend a helping hand when you need it. Even if their own relationship had problems, this probably wouldn’t have had any long-term effects on your own relationship with either of them.”

This is completely accurate. My parents had a very turbulent relationship when I was a kid, the drama I was referring to, but they have always had an above average relationship with me. 

Expectations –  “You’re generous to a fault, but you may also occasionally expect too much in return, leading to either conflict or disappointment when others don’t live up to your high expectations.”

I had to teach myself to be a lot less nice because I’d routinely get taken advantage of. Always being there for everyone else, while no one seemed interested in being there for me.

Criticism –  “There is a tension between your emotions and logical common sense. At times, one may be sacrificed at the expense of the other. Also, whilst you’re sensitive yourself, you may occasionally express criticism of other people, saying things that cause hurt or offense, often without you being aware of it. Try not to be so overly critical of others. Perhaps this stems from past experiences where your own deeper feelings were hurt by unfair or unduly harsh criticism.”

I’ve hurt more people’s feelings by accident than on purpose in my life. Sorry, guys.

Communication – “You enjoy discussing other people’s thoughts and beliefs, as well as expressing your own, as you have a genuine desire for mutual communication and understanding. You may find, however, you can never settle down to one thing and as different people are interesting in different ways, so you may have difficulty in finding one person to whom you can make a permanent commitment. On the other hand, if you are looking for commitment, you may find yourself constantly attracting partners who are unreliable and difficult to pin down. Now, whilst you may be hurt by such actions, deep inside you know that this is really keeping you free.”

Lol, yes.

Don’t Overdo It – “In your desire to get ahead you’re generally prepared to work long and arduous hours, often at the expense of the needs of your physical body, and possibly even your domestic life. You’ll therefore need to learn when to rest if you wish to avoid nervous exhaustion and to say ‘hello’ to your family occasionally, if only to let them know that you are still aware of their existence!”

I have a one track mind when it comes to achievements and routinely ignore every other aspect of my life for the sake of it. Reading is fundamental. /shruuuuuuuug

Strong Beliefs – “You possess the urge to play a personal role in helping to shape society in some way. You have little time for those people who use their power or position of authority simply to further their own ends.”

This is pretty obvious to anyone who has had a conversation with me. Again, sorry, guys.

Secrets, Obsessions – “In your search for meaning in life, either through religion or through travel, your belief system may undergo dramatic changes where all that you previously held to be true is destroyed, to be reborn on a different level. On the other hand you may react by denying any meaning or purpose to life altogether, taking the view that there is no point to anything since it all ends in death anyway.”

I experience this inner conflict around 4 times a day.

There is so much more I am leaving out, but there just isn’t enough time in the day. One thing that Jordan pointed out, that may not be apparent here, is that I have a hard outer shell and quite deliberately make it difficult for people to get to “really know me” with the exception of a few friends. That is pretty pivotal to my character and consistently came up in many areas of my chart. So, I thought I’d mention it here.

If you’re super into astrology or, you know, super into YOU (like everybody else on Earth), I highly recommend getting your birth chart done; you’ll learn a lot about yourself and the way you navigate life.

To contact Jordan regarding astrology email him at: astrologyjordan@gmail.com. Don’t forget to follow him on Twitter @JordanCTierney and check out his website, www.jordantierney.net

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