Not Sure How To Get Ready For A First Date? Here’s Your Pre-Date Cheat Sheet!

So you’ve snagged yourself a date (go you!). The only thing is it’s a first date. We all know how first dates can be: nerve wracking, exciting, awkward, and possibly a lot of sweaty palms. Just the thought of a first date can even gives me these emotions. So how do we turn down the nervousness and crank up the exciting? By preparing. Just like how you’d prepare for a job interview or final exam, you gotta prep for the first date. But this preparing for a first date shouldn’t feel like a chore. It should be fun — like getting ready for a girls night out!  So to make things even easier, here’s a pre-first date cheat sheet for you!

1. Crank Up The Music

Play “your song”. Yeah I’m talking about the song you scream “OMG I LOVE THIS SONG!!!!” at the top of your lungs when it’s being played at the bar. Whether it’s Carrie Underwood or Calvin Harris, blasting your favorite music will put you in a good mood and keep any nerves you might have at bay. Having trouble finding tunes? Just pop in that old Spice Girls CD laying around.

2. Looking The Part

The whole “look good, feel good” mantra is the real deal here. Wearing something you that you feel comfortable and confident in is what you need for this first date. We’re going for a Wonder Woman I Can Take Over The World confidence level here. So put on those jeans that gives Kim Kardashian‘s behind a run for her money. Slip on those heels that give you that extra oomph in your strut. Wear that black dress that makes you feel like a million bucks. Whether you’re dressing up or down, put on that power outfit.

3. Packing Your Purse

I always over pack for vacations, and packing my purse for dates is no exception. My essentials always include gum / mints, lip balm / gloss,  tampons (just in case!), money, tissues,  and condoms (in case things get hot and heavy!). Sometimes I throw in a mini mascara or some oil blotting sheets as well. Basically, you don’t need too much. Easy peasey!

4. The Mantra

This ties into the whole “look good, feel good” mantra from earlier. If you’re nervous, it’s probably because you want to impress your date. That’s why you have to adopt this “my date needs to impress ME” mantra. It’s a little mind game a friend once told me about and it seriously works. The easiest way to get in the right mindset is to create a lot of positive self talk. “You look freaking fabulous” or even “Dayummmm girl you look good” will work. I’ve tried this and to be honest at first it felt kinda stupid. But after a while it does work and you feel like Super Girl. Positive self talk will skyrocket your confidence. Remember that your date needs to impress you because YOU are freaking fabulous.

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