Your Pretty Little Liars Cheat Sheet: Season 4, Episode 8

Never a show to slow-down its pace, Pretty Little Liars threw in some major twists in Wilden’s murder and potential killer this week! Even with the big developments, I doubt we’re anywhere near knowing the real answer. Here’s what happened this week:

1. Hanna makes a move: Last week I was all about Hanna getting up and not moping around but I didn’t expect her to get all reactionary and ask Mona for help.  Why would anyone ever ask Mona for help?! That girl was locked up and is not quite all there. But then again, I’m questioning Hanna’s sanity as well. In her mind it makes complete sense to take the rap for killing Wilden in place of her mom. That makes perfect sense…has she never watched 20/20? Minors go to juvie or prison and I doubt Hanna has enough sense to survive in an Orange is the New Black, fish-out-of-water kind of way. I don’t see her being anyone’s prison wife.

2. The return of Jake: Jake’s back! But only for half a second when Aria confronts him about teaching Mike martial arts. Since Aria’s storyline still seems to have no relevance to A or solving Wilden’s murder, we’re still focused on her little brother and the bullying PSA that seems to be going on. Mike’s need for self-defense does beget the question of is his teasing all Aria’s fault or if it’s just some lax bro hazing. Whatever it is, at least it keeps Jake in her life. He came over to her house, even though he could have just called her, talked her down and asked her out after an anti-climatic talk with her brother on his whereabouts. I foresee a love triangle in the near future, the muscle man versus the scholar. One thing I wish was that Aria didn’t look like a looney tune in that comic book dress she was wearing after not seeing Jake for so long.

3. Emily acts like a high school student: In all these shows about high school students, school is usually the last thing on anyone’s mind until there’s that one episode where a character is failing. Emily’s whole season has been about her quest to get to college, which I actually applaud. It’s not really the most exciting story material but it grounds this show from getting too out there in terms of reality. As soon as I wrote that, I knew it was BS. Nothing on this show is relatable. That’s why it’s a crazy, entertaining, hot mess train I can’t stop watching. It does seem like Emily’s avoiding her problems at home, well the home she had before a car ran into it. It was upsetting to see her mom break down like that at the end of the episode though.

4. Spencer does something: For some reason, I found myself not that interested in what Spencer was doing even though she was doing the most in terms of solving one of Rosewood’s many mysteries. Maybe it was because Toby was missing, I find that I like Spencer better when he’s around. Anyway, she did find out that Wilden forged Toby’s mother’s death report. This definitely adds to the plotline and shows that Wilden was sketchier than we knew. I give props to the writer’s for creating a character that seemed so dumb but really had his hand in everything.

5. Mona=the best friend ever or a crazy face: And this week’s WTF? moment goes to Mona! I’m excited anytime she gets extended airtime because she’s so deliciously evil. I was happy enough when she gave Hanna advice on how to lie since she’s an old pro but I was even more shocked when she confessed to killing Wilden at the police station. I love how she walked in the police station in her heels and short skirt. I guess if you’re going to confess to a murder, you might as well look fierce for your mugshot. No idea where this will lead but I doubt Mona plans to stay in the pokey for long.

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