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Listen To Drake Rap About Having Sex W/ His Babysitter In ‘All Me’


new single, “All Me,” has dropped and it features Big Sean and 2 Chainz. “I touched down at ’86, knew I was a man by the age of 6 / I even fucked girls that used to babysit / But thats was years later on some crazy shit.” —Drake. I am not going to take these lyrics seriously because, well, it’s a goofy rap song but this sounds a lot like Drake has confused getting laid with child molestation. Let’s refrain from having sex with our babysitters and alert the authorities otherwise.

Big Sean has a lovely verse dedicated to his girlfriend Naya Rivera of Glee. “My new girl is on Glee and shit / Probably making more money than me and shit / I swear to God I got 99 Problems but a bitch ain’t one.” How lovely.

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