Drink Water And Look Like Kate Upton? We’re Not Buying It

So Kate Upton has supposedly revealed the secrets to how she got her amazing body. She does Justin Gelband’s ModelFIT program that consist of a mixture of Zumba, martial arts and functional training,  capoeira, Pilates and yoga. The program requires that you limit unnecessary things like salt, sugar, and alcohol.  Proclaimed “model whisperer,” Justin Gelband, said that anyone can achieve Upton’s body with some hard work. So just work out and stop eating french fries and you should be on the way to a Sports Illustrated cover, right?

Definitely not.

I don’t buy it. Sure, the workout plan and diet probably did a great deal for Kate’s body, but most of that has to be straight up genetics. Have you seen the girl? I could get toned, but her curves and long legs can’t be given to you by anyone other than your mother.

Some other clients of Gelband’s work include Irina Shayk, Miranda Kerr, Candice Swanepoel, Erin Heatherton and Lily Aldridge. What do all these women have in common other than their workout instructor? They didn’t start out looking like Sloppy Sally. They looked amazing even before they  started doing ModelFit.

In a recent interview Kate said a lot of water and sleep is important too. Really Kate? So you’re saying if I sleep for a week straight I’ll wake up fit for the runway?

Now, I’m all for people working out and being fit, but part of being healthy is being realistic. Workout and eat healthy, fresh foods, but realize that a Kate Upton body is probably not the most realistic thing to strive for. Don’t kill yourself wondering why sleep and the five jugs of water you chugged aren’t magically transforming you.

Work out for you. So that you like what you see when you look in the mirror. Kate does.

[Lead Image Via GQ]

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Guys Taking Selfies With Tiaras Are #Beautiful, #Majestic, #Derpy
Guys Taking Selfies With Tiaras Are #Beautiful, #Majestic, #Derpy
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