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Can You Guess Who’s In These 5 Celebrity Selfies?


It’s Miley Cyrus! Of course. The ‘We Can’t Stop’ singer is locking lips with a man wearing a creepy baby mask. Are these two really swopping spit? Sometimes there’s a mouth hole in masks so there could be some tongue action. What do you make of this picture? Just another young lady having fun or do you think Miley is “spiraling” like a lot of the media is portraying her “antics” to be? I just think she is kind of a weird person and very much trying to find herself the way a lot of young people do: by doing questionable things, explicitly rebelling against expectations and dressing outlandishly.

Can you guess which celebrities are in these selfies? The game gets harder as you go along.

Which celebrity revealed his new beefy bod?

Which celebrity tweeted a picture of their first encounter with Lil Wayne?

Which celebrity tweeted a before and after makeup photo?

Which celebrity instagrammed a photo of her working on an upcoming Halloween costume?

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