16 Blondes That We’d Choose Over a Brunette Any Day

According to a new survey, men prefer brunettes when it comes to picking lovers. While blondes are often seen as being more fun to be with, the survey reveals that brunettes make the best lovers.

58 percent of men believe that brunettes are better in bed, while only 16 percent say that blondes are the best lovers. The survey also revealed that 12 percent say women with black hair and 9 percent say women with red hair are the best lovers. So what’s with all the hate for blondes, red heads, and black haired women? What are we? Chopped liver? I get that brunettes are seen as smarter, classier, and all around better, but let’s just hold the phone for a second. There are plenty of non-brunettes that no man would ever kick out of bed.

There are plenty of blondes, redheads, and other non-brunettes that I would pick over a brunette. Check out 16 of them below!

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