10 Celebrities Who Ruined Their Faces with Plastic Surgery

It seems that in Hollywood, once you turn a certain age–you must look a certain age that is not actually your age. Do you guys see where I’m going with this? Celebrities are so ridiculously obsessed with being young and desirable that they go under the knife to have their faces pulled and plucked and prodded just to gain a little bit of youth. But why? Why do they continue to do this when they continue to looks like worse versions of themselves?

What happened to aging with grace? It seems to be lost on these celebrities, and according to a new study plastic surgery doesn’t even work! Counsel and Heal reports, “that plastic surgery, which people believe adds several years to one’s face, only adds around three years and does not make people any more attractive.”

With this in mind, let’s look at some of the most popular Hollywood celebrities, and their completely messed up faces and bodies because of plastic surgery. Some of them don’t even look like a glimpse of who they were before! Check it out below!

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