How to Beat the Loneliness Blues When You’re Single

Everybody feels lonely sometimes. We could be in a relationship. We could have tons of friends. We could be standing in packed room of people but still feel a little lonely. As humans, we’re wired to connected and feel and relate to one another. We’re people that need people. So what happens when you’re just not feeling the love of others? That’s when the loneliness can be the worst.

This can become pretty prevalent when all of your friends start to get into relationships and completely leave you in the dust. Those girl’s nights and Sunday brunches kind of go out the window when all your friends start pairing off. It’s hard not to feel lonely when you see everyone else around you happy, while you’re just riding solo.

Thankfully, the ladies over at have some great advice on how to beat the lonely blues. Head on over there to check it out!

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