Sometimes, It’s Not Okay to Take a Selfie

Confession time: I take selfies. Sometimes, I take them when I’m having a good hair day. Sometimes I take them when I’m with my boyfriend at a really cool location. Sometimes I take them when I’m driving or biking or shopping. I’m a selfie person. It’s just the way I am, and it’s just what I do. Call me conceited, call my gratuitous. Call me whatever. It is what is. And here’s the kicker, I’m not alone! Lots of people are into taking selfies these days. It’s pretty much all the rage on Instagram and on Facebook and Twitter. People just like to take photos of themselves, add a filter, and then wait for the “likes” to start rolling in.

Could we be more narcissistic?

Oh yes, we can. And that’s why the amazing people over at Buzzfeed made a video to collect all the instances when maybe it’s better to just put away your phone and just let life happen. Sometimes, there are occasions where we just do not need selfies. Here’s eleven of them! Enjoy!

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