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Watch A Preview Of Lindsay Lohan’s Oprah Interview


Lindsay Lohan┬áhas completed rehab and I couldn’t be happier that she is sober and doing well. Nevertheless, between Chelsea Lately and Oprah’s Next Chapter it all seems a bit fast. Shouldn’t she be taking a break from the spotlight to work on her sobriety? Isn’t it obvious at this point that fame is at least a part of her issues? Oprah asks her if she is an addict, which obviously she is and what it’s like to have her name, Lindsay Lohan, synonymous with “child star gone wrong.” Bummer.

In my opinion this interview will either be very revealing or not revealing at all but rather a strategy for Lindsay Lohan to have a PR, underdog story, which, if she is sober, she totally has earned. I just hope she’s alright. The interview will premiere on OWN Sunday, August 18th 9/8c PM.

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