It’s The 10 Year Anniversary of The OC! Here’s What I Learned From Rewatching The Pilot

Are you ready to feel ancient? It was exactly 10 years ago that The OC premiered and stole our hearts away with the drama, the romance, the music, and of course, Seth Cohen.

I recently revisited the pilot episode for the first time in ages and it actually holds up pretty well. It’s beautifully filmed and the dialogue is witty and poignant. It doesn’t quite have the same quasi-sophistication of Gossip Girl and Pretty Little Liars, but shows about pretty people with outrageous problems never really go out of style. And, like all great TV shows, it’s totally educational (or miseducational, whatevs). Here is what I learned from my rewatch.

Sometimes you’ve gotta be a little pessimistic.

Being a criminal loses its luster when it’s too easy.

Bonding with your BFF over contraband alcohol is always a thrill.

The best way to react to seeing illicit drugs for the first time is to be nonchalant about it.

You should always knock before you enter a bathroom.

The best way to end a fight is with an iconic declaration.

Sometimes your best friends will get tired of taking care of your blacked out ass and leave you on your parents’ porch.

But maybe if you’re lucky, the cute guy next door will take you in.

Even if someone hates you, don’t fret.

Bacon will worm you into anyone’s heart.

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