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Are You A Trendy Millennial Sleep Texting, Because Awake Texting Is So 2012?


What is sleep texting, you ask? “It’s a phenomenon occurring with the younger generation. And it’s reflective of the significance of our smartphones — of these very powerful machines. Why would we turn them off?” says Elizabeth Dowdell, a nursing professor at Villanova University.

Sleep texting is when you receive a text message while sleeping and you text back in haze of Ryan Gosling-dreamy bliss, perhaps sometimes even forgetting that you texted the next morning. A better, more sassy description, would be “blackout texting” for those with questionable humor, “White girl wasted texting,” may be apropos, but to each their own.

Another Millennial trend report, another way to make us sound like crazy kidz with wacky technolololololologies!

The article notes that, “Sleep texters commonly recount their behavior using hashtags like #sleeptexting on Twitter and Instagram.” So, although you’re supposedly zombie texting, you still don’t forget the appropriately self-aware hashtags. Got to get those followers, you guys.

Dowdell surveyed 300 students and found that 25-35 percent sent texts while they were sleeping, while 50 percent admitted that their phones or other forms of technology interrupted their sleep. The survey doesn’t provide much evidence to support that we’re so conditioned to respond to texts that we actually text without remembering. Dowdell only provides an anecdote about a female student who texted something love-y dove-y to an ex-boyfriend and forgot the next morning.

The article doesn’t say whether or not she was drunk. The article doesn’t say whether or not people who do “sleep text” are the same people who typically do other things in their sleep without remembering, like get out of bed or talk. The study also only surveyed students thereby completely excluding other age groups, so it obviously can’t conclusively decide that sleep texting is a Millennial trend and not just a people trend, or a people with cellphones trend or a people who normally do things while they’re sleeping trend.

I love reading Millennial trend reports because they are either one of two things: helpful or a way for older people to totally undermine our existence because they don’t understand it. In either case, they are usually always very obvious. Everything about Millennials is about how we lack job opportunities, love technology and have lots of casual sex, the analysis about these obvious trends usually includes a tinge of judgement.

This is all commonplace, every generation has to “apologize” for changing with culture, a culture that ironically could only have progressed in such a way with the contributions of the previous generation who would, often but not always, rather sneer down their noses instead of embracing what they are responsible for having created.

And so we sleep text in bravery, in #beauty with courage under fire.

Emerald is an editor at CollegeCandy, lover of coffee, and pretend francophile. After studying writing and popular culture at NYU she decided to be a grownup and get a job. Tweet at ya' girl @EmeraldGritty.