Wanna Be a CollegeCandy Fall Intern?

We’re seeking editorial interns for the fall semester! The ideal candidate is passionate about writing, responsible, witty, knowledgeable of all things pop culture, a lover of all things dessert and has a great understanding of deadlines. Oh and it doesn’t hurt if you’re a huge CollegeCandy fan…

Intern responsibilities include writing (lots of it!), research and various tasks in marketing. This is NO boring internship; you will not be getting or making coffee (unless it’s for yourself). Interns will walk away with clips galore, great stories and an increased knowledge of writing for the web. The position is unpaid but college credit can be earned. We are based in NYC and encourage candidates to work from our headquarters, however we do allow exceptional candidates to telecommute if they are not based in the NYC area.

If you’re interested in having a great internship next semester, submit a resume, cover letter and original writing sample here. For the writing sample, take a look at some of the posts on CollegeCandy, and whip up a sample that you think would fit in well on the site. Topic and length don’t matter – we just want to get a feel for your writing in relation to our tone and style.

Apply today if you want to be considered for the coolest internship in the entire world…or you just want something totally solid on your resume. We will be accepting applications through August 16th.

Are You A Trendy Millennial Sleep Texting, Because Awake Texting Is So 2012?
Are You A Trendy Millennial Sleep Texting, Because Awake Texting Is So 2012?
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