Study Says Millennials Have Worse Memory Than Senior Citizens

A new study found that Millennials have worse memory than . . . wait, I forgot what I was typing. lololol According to a survey done by Trend Machine, Millennials are prone to forgetfulness more than our grandparents. ” Millennials 18-34, in fact, are significantly more likely than seniors ages 55 or older to forget what day it is (15% vs. 7%), where they put their keys (14% vs. 8%), forget to bring their lunch (9% vs. 3%) or even to take a bath or shower (6% vs. 2%).”

The 6% of us that can’t remember if we’ve showered or not, we need need to get it together. If you have  a funky Millennial friend let them know they smell like goats and Pizza Hut because they may have just forgotten to soap themselves.

Trend Machine asked  Patricia Gutentag, a leading family and occupational therapist, what was up with us being all scatterbrained and she said, “Stress!  Stress often leads to forgetfulness, depression and poor judgment.”

I definitely forget where I’ve left my keys but I have never in my whole life forgotten a meal. Never. 

Gutentag also says we are a generation more prone to ADHD, “We find higher rates of ADHD diagnoses in young adults.  This is a population that has grown up multitasking using technology, often compounded by lack of sleep, all of which results in high levels of forgetfulness.”

It sounds like we’re having a lot of fun and forgetting that we had it then freaking out because we’re not having any fun! Just kidding, it seems like we’re just super stressed because of the pending economic apocolypse and general feelings of not knowing WTF to do with our lives.

Do you think you are especially forgetful?

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