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Your Pretty Little Liars Cheat Sheet: Season 4, Episode 9


My heart was beating in anticipation for this week’s episode before I sat down to watch it! With only two weeks left, I thought so much would happen. But it didn’t. Here’s what happened instead:

1.  The End of Paige and Emily??: Things are not looking good for Paige and Emily, the most stable couple on this show. Emily went all postal on Paige for getting her an interview with a swim coach without telling him about Emily’s injury. Emily went onto say that the two of them probably wouldn’t live out their high school relationship fantasy and go to college together. And since Emily is the only PLL girl who lives in the real world, she knows that few relationships survive the experimental, hook-up time that is freshman year. Their break-up isn’t officially on the books yet but I doubt they’ll be together by the summer finale in two weeks.

2. Jake and Aria become JARIA: I’m coining this as their new couple name but let’s face it, I don’t think they’ll be a lasting TV couple. And their get together wasn’t exactly romantic, since it seemed like Jake had to coerce Aria into wanting to make it official. Flirting with the girl at that party didn’t hurt his case in looking desirable either. I’m all for this couple but how old is Jake supposed to be exactly? It’s not really that big of a deal but he does seem like he’s still in grown man territory. And judging by that face and body he looks a little older than college age. And where is Aria’s dad?!? What high schooler can have sexy men sleep on their parent’s couch without any questions? Oh, to be Aria. 

3. Jenna floats face down: Jenna didn’t exactly jump in the lake this week but she ended up in the water when someone DUN DUN DUN pushed her! I can’t say that I exactly felt sorry for Jenna but I am glad she’s not dead. If Mona’s locked up, we need Jenna to be that bitch we all love to hate. No one knows for sure who pushed Jenna into the lake but her and Shana think it was CeCe. Just another mystery to add on before the finale.

4. Where was Spencer?: It seems to happen every week that one of the characters gets left out. This week Spencer had little to no screen time, except for appearances here and there. She seems to be the only one who is actively trying to solve the case (Aria’s busy being Aria, Hanna’s concerned about her jailbird mama, and Emily wants a future) but since she was left out this week, no major clues were discovered. I need the writers to stop playing with us and keep the mystery coming! Who cares about high school life when bodies keep turning up?

5. Pastor Ted has deep pockets: At the beginning of the episode we find out that Ashley had bail fee of one million dollars. She only had to pay a measly $100,000 of it but from last season we know that Ashely was having money issues, so paying was a no go for her. Hanna spent her time running around asking her father for money when someone mysteriously paid her mother’s bail. That someone would be Pastor Ted who conveniently showed up this episode with a fat-ass checkbook. Is anyone else wondering why he has all that money? Is he a TV preacher or something? This plotline has the potential to be interesting.

Next week better be a wild ride. Until next time!

Graduated from UNC-Chapel Hill. She's one of those people who loves school (or is afraid of the real world) so, she's getting her MFA in Screenwriting from the University of Southern California. If she's not writing, then she's writing. Or if she's really not writing, she's watching Netflix (aren't we all?).