5 Reasons University of Iowa Is The Princeton Review’s #1 Party School

University of Iowa has been named The Princeton Review’s #1 Party School. These rankings always seem a bit weird to me so I decided to look up a few news articles about University of Iowa just to see what was going on. Needless to say, shit was cray. Here are 5 headlines (and excerpts) that accurately describe why University of Iowa is the #1 hard-partying school in this great U. S. of A..

University Of Iowa Baseball Players Think A Ghost Is Stealing Their Girlfriends’ Underwear

“Five University of Iowa baseball players (and one hockey player) claim they are being haunted by ghosts that move TV remotes, change the channels on the TV and even steal underwear right off their girlfriends’ bodies while they’re sleeping . . . On two separate occasions, girlfriends of players have had underwear removed from them while sleeping, even though they were wearing pants. Each time, the undergarments were discovered in another place.”

Iowa City Moves Forward On New Law To Combat House Parties

“City officials are moving closer to having more power to kill the buzz of students at the University of Iowa, and some worry it could violate their right to due process. Police in Iowa City, Iowa say they’re having trouble busting house parties of college students because the kids have a new weapon — not answering the door.”

LOL. Challenge accepted.

Andrew Lange, University Of Iowa Student, Sideswipes Police Cars In Smart Car

“A University of Iowa student challenged the reputation of the tiny cars this weekend when he allegedly sideswiped two police cars, nearly injuring an officer, all in what he claimed drunkenly was in the name of fighting al-Qaida, according to reports.”

Cool story, bro.

University Of Iowa Won’t Ban Porn Film Showings

“University of Iowa administrators won’t bar the student-run campus movie theater from showing a pornographic movie this year.”

Get down, University of Iowa. Get down.

Ellen Lewin, University of Iowa Professor, In Hot Water Over Incendiary Email To College Republicans

“University of Iowa Professor of Anthropology Ellen Lewin is in hot water for sending an offensive email to the school’s chapter of the College Republicans, according to the Iowa City Press Citizen. The missive, which simply read, F*** YOU, REPUBLICANS, was sent in response to an email blast from the campus group announcing ‘Conservative Coming Out Week.'”

Even teachers are popping off down there.

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