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The Best Relationship Advice I’ve Ever Read From Celebrities


Over the years, I’ve found that everyone is full of advice when it comes to love. People in love, people out of love, single people, the man on the subway. They all have their own views on love and think their way is best. I’m an advice glutton. I love to hear it. It’s crazy what people will tell you if you listen long enough. Now, whether I take that advice is another story.

Celebrities are no different. They all have their little tidbits to help us civilians find and keep love. As embarrassing as it is, when advice comes from a celebrity, I’m more apt to listen to it. Maybe its because they are so successful in one aspect of their lives that I assume they must know what they are talking about, right? Probably wrong.

But here is a list of some great love advice from celebrities anyway.

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