Ditch Your Laptop This Semester And Upgrade with the Samsung Galaxy Tab 2 Student Edition

Laptops are great until you actually have to, you know, transport them. This back to school season, college students across the country will be investing in fancy, new laptops thinking they’re getting a great machine that’s also going to be so easy to tote around to classes and the library. To those students I say: find a spa and immediately invest in some sort of unlimited massage pass, because laptops are a literal pain to lug around. By the second semester of my freshman year, I had all but given up on carrying a backpack with textbooks, a 5lb laptop and all the necessary power cords. My shoulders were dying. No thanks.

On the list of things I wish I had available to me during my undergrad days, the Samsung Galaxy Tab 2 Student Edition would unquestionably top the list. Weighing in at 1.28 lbs (omg so light) and featuring a 10 inch display, the Tab 2 does not sacrifice functionality for convenience. The Student Edition includes an ultra slim Bluetooth keyboard because obviously you’re not going to type up that term paper on a touch screen and the Desktop Dock allows students to conveniently charge at your desk while working or playing.

Best of all? The free extras Samsung tosses your way — the Galaxy Tab 2 is packed with a ton of content value, including Polaris Office to do homework, one year free of 50GB Dropbox storage to save homework, and three months free of Hulu Plus to take a break from homework after school.

Oh wait, JK, here’s the best part. All this is set at the extremely student friendly price of $349.99. Real talk, ditch the laptop and get yourself a Samsung Galaxy Tab 2 Student Edition this semester. Your shoulders will thank you.

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