Amanda Bynes Is Under Extended 30-Day Psychiatric Hold

The good news is Amanda Bynes is getting help. Unfortunately things are much more grave than initially expected. Amanda was originally under a 2-week psychiatric evaluation and was expected to attend a court hearing today. However, it was determined by her doctors that Amanda is too ill to attend the hearing and the hospital has extended her psychiatric hold to 30 days.

TMZ reports, “We’re told doctors went to a judge who traveled to the hospital to conduct an emergency hearing. The judge granted the doctors’ request, and extended Amanda’s psych hold for 30 days.¬†According to the law, doctors can only get such an order if the patient is ‘gravely disabled as a result of a mental disorder.'”

It’s been speculated that Amanda Bynes is suffering from schizophrenia. College Candy wishes her the best of luck and are happy that she is getting help that will determine the cause of her behavior so that it can be addressed.

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