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10 Social Norms I’m Totally Over


Upon entering the real world after college, the abundance of social norms we are all forced to adhere to and abide by become more and more obvious. And to me, more and more obnoxious. As I started to on it, I realized there are a few social norms that I really wish I didn’t have to participate in anymore.

Here are 9 social norms I’m totally over:

1. Not Being Able to Say: “That Sounds Lame, No Thank You” Sometimes, you’re asked to do something, and you just don’t want to. No… You’re not busy. But it just doesn’t sound fun. How nice would it be to live in a world where you could just say that?

2. Judging Anybody’s Financial Situation. Whether it’s having too much money, not enough money, spending money on things other people don’t approve of, or having to decline certain social scenarios due to lack of funds– we should all just stop judging each other and focusing on money. We have the rest of our lives for that!

3. Work Small Talk. If you don’t work in an office, you may never have had the following experiences:

Person A: How was your weekend?

Person B: Not long enough!

All: Laugh.

Person A: Want to go get lunch?

Person B: Only if I can have a big drink!

All: Laugh

And so on and so on. Jokes about hump day, waiting to get through to Friday, wanting to leave the office and never come back — all pretty hopeful and optimistic right? They are literally everywhere in the workplace and I guarantee you if you wind up in a cube you’ll join.

4. Having To Explain Any Choice I Make… Ever. Why aren’t you coming to happy hour? Why do you have to go home early? Whether I am going to the gym or going home to catch up on my week’s worth of Jeopardy, who cares? Or questions on career paths or extreme hair cuts or moving to Spain for a year– we all make a million choices in our lives, and they are ours to make.

5. Having To Justify What I’m Eating. Whether I’m eating an entire buffalo chicken calzone (yes, I did this 2 weeks ago and it was fantastic) or doing a juice fast (currently I am doing this and now I just want a buffalo chicken calzone). It’s my body and I shouldn’t be judged for what I am putting in to it.

6. Anything and Everything “Dating Rules” Related. Call him when you want to call him, text him when you want to call him. Sleep with him (or her) when you want to sleep with him (or her). I mean, take the hint if you get ignored for 2 weeks straight, but don’t let arbitrary dating rules dictate any relationship.

7. Not Being Able To Talk Politics / Religion / Anything Real. My favorite thing about college was always talking religion, politics, important issues. In the real world this all becomes taboo and you are supposed to ignore it at all costs. I hate this.

8. Work Email Niceties. We’re at work… I should be able to tell you to do Task XYZ without a smiley emoticon or an LOL. Also, you’re a grown up, please stop saying LOL.

9. Being Forced to Get Dressed Up. We should only have to get dressed up when we really want to, not because a special client is coming into the office or because it’s Saturday. We should dress how we want when we want. Odds are most of the time we’d make the right dress code choices anyways (I won’t wear PJs to work but maybe I’ll wear nice jeans or a sensible cardi), and people who don’t… Darwinism.

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