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Breaking Bad is Back! Let’s Remember Some of the Show’s Best Moments, Shall We?


The day is finally here! Breaking Bad will start it’s string of final episodes tonight on AMC! This amazing television series that had completely changed the game will air its final episode starting with the premiere tonight. I cannot wait!

I binge watched the show on Netflix (obviously) and then watched the first half of the fifth season in real time. Note that doing this is near impossible. Let me tell you, waiting an entire week for a new episode of a show that you absolutely adore is just sick torture.

There are only 8 episodes left of Breaking Bad. What could creator, Vince Gilligan possibly cram into 8 hours of television that would completely blow our minds? The answer is: a lot. After five season, we’ve already laughed and cried and been completely shocked more times than I can even count. Breaking Bad doesn’t apologize for killing kids, your favorite characters, and even some of the villains that keep the show bad.

Before the premiere tonight, I decided to take a little trip down memory lane and go back to some of my favorite moments from the show. Some are hysterically funny, some are completely heart-wrenching, and some had me screaming at my television.

Check them all out in the gallery below! [CAUTION: SPOILERS FOR DAYS!]

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