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Summer is Almost Over! Listen to this Playlist and Cry it Out.


Who else is getting depressed that it’s almost mid-summer? How did this happen? One minute, I was going to the local pool for Memorial Day, and now I’m packing up my white jeans before Labor Day! This is all just too much to handle at once. Slow down, mother nature! I’m not ready to go back to school! Don’t make me face real life again!

We all cope with tragedy (such as the end of summer, obvi) in different ways. For me, it’s all about music. When I find the perfect song that represents my situation, I will listen to it over and over until I completely ruin it for myself. Music can be therapeutic. It can make us feel better. It can take us away from our worries. It can make us happy or sad.

In honor of the end of summer, the ladies over at have concocted the best summer sadness playlist that will make you yearn for long days and beach weather. Though we can’t get the summer back, we can sure as heck relive it through some great music.

Head on over to Gurl and check it out!

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