Harvard U Girls Form A Feminist Think Tank, Are Super Cool

Harvard University undergrads are teaming up to form a think tank policy group to report and publish information on the status of women and girls in the Boston area. The program is being spearheaded by Harvard sophomore Bernadette Lim who seeks to identify obstacles in women’s health, careers and family in Boston and to determine strategies to resolve them.

After using $7,000 of grant money, from the Make-A-Wish Foundation, to her and her peers for a group project to research and donate to a cause, Lim became inspired to do something on her own.

Lim said,  “We realized there was very little information on the subject (of girls’ empowerment), and what we did find was very scattered. We decided we really wanted to fund this research … and use that information to help organizations create more effective programming and opportunities for girls in Boston.”

Lim has also reached out to Hasbro to create toys better suited for empowering young girls. She said, “When we were younger, we never had any toys that helped us expand our career options. These games would show different careers and pathways a girl can take, and we want to introduce those ideas at a young age.”

Lim wants toys where females emulate various career paths to inspire and open up possibilities for young girls, ones that will encourage leadership and build self-esteem. It’s great to see young people getting together and creating solutions within their community. Even if things don’t turn out the way you expect, it’s always best to try and plant the seeds of change.

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