Recap: The Newsroom Season 2, Episode 5 [A Bro’s Thoughts]

The Newsroom freaks me out from time to time when it comes to their character development. Sometimes the changes are so sudden and dense, but glossed over thanks to the verbose dialogue that so much can go over your head, and to be honest, this isn’t one of those shows I feel like taking an extra hour to watch twice. In the grand scheme of things, we had a death, an addiction, a nude photo scandal, and a secret service agent all roll through ACN, but none of it felt THAT important. Let’s recap:

In Which Will’s Dad Dies While He’s On Air

If you ever wanted to see true dedication to your job, take note from Will McAvoy. While there there were a bunch of residual abusive issues from last season about his father that he never really resolved with his therapist; the fact that his father died while he was on air covering Syrian bombs, Treyvon Martin and the Rutgers suicide of Tyler Clementi in one episode made it a little much for anyone to handle. When Will stops everything at the end of the episode and says simply, ‘Well I guess it’s just us now,’ it was heartbreaking. He’s so committed that even when he needs a moment, he can’t have one. It was an incredible piece of acting on Jeff Daniels part, and I hope to see more moments like that from Will in the latter half of this season.

In Which Sloane Was Kinda Pigeonholed

Of course the character Olivia Munn plays is going to have a nude photo selfie scandal. It’s kind of lame that’s the route Sloane eventually went to this episode after what were her two best episodes yet previously. It seemed like kind of a ‘mail it in’ move on Aaron Sorkin’s part, especially with the sequence in the beginning making her admit they were her photos. However, the way the plot line was turned around to make the Sloane & Don’s budding relationship more feasible was great. As I stated previously, I really like them as a couple and hope that they get the ending/beginning they deserve.

In Which Mac Does A Drastic Turnaround

I really don’t know what got into Mac this episode, but I didn’t like it. She’s usually the soul of the show, navigating everyone through thick and thin to make sure that the news stays first and everyone in the office stays happy. Instead, this episode, for reasons unexplained, she totally lost her shit and it was pretty jarring. By snapping at Neil at first and then the poor Rutgers kid trying to come out, it seemed very un-Mac like, and here’s to hoping there’s some explanation or this is just a one-off.

In Which Maggie Officially Becomes The Hot Mess We See In The Future

Maggie has started drinking at work, sleeping around and messing up edits at her job. All signs point to hot mess. It doesn’t help when Jim decides to be on his period and throw around his power after messing up the Romney exclusive for a girl. While you can’t help but feel for Maggie, you almost think that she’s not gone far enough after seeing the little bits of flash fowards from the depositions we’ve seen. You’re waiting for the bigger break, not the little tremors, you know?

Either way, I guess I can’t really complain. There was a little bit more progress on the Operation Genoa plot with Charlie, who is probably the most undervalued character on the show. Either way, the preview for next week looks like the Genoa storyline picks up. You can check out that trailer below. Let me know what you think of the episode either on Twitter or in the comments.

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