Some Painful Parts of Being A Fabulous Woman

Remember being young and doing something “like a girl” was the worst insult you could throw at someone? Running like a girl, throwing like a girl, crying like a girl. Being female was synonymous with being weak and wimpy. If only we knew then what we know now…

I feel like at least once a day I’m submitting myself to some sort of torture — albeit voluntarily — in the name of beauty or fashion. Each of us deal with the less glamorous parts of womanhood in our own way, but I think we can all agree that these are without question the most painful parts of being fabulous…

Those Amazing 4-Inch Pumps You Had to Have: When you saw them in the store, you simply envisioned yourself dancing the night away and going on dates in the most fierce pair of shoes you had ever set your eyes on. You didn’t think about the hours of pinched toes, blistered ankles and sore arches you’d have to endure.

Sexy Bras vs. Comfy Bras: It’s a daily internal debate. Do you want to wear the pretty lace bra with the straps that kill your shoulders, or would you prefer the boring, nude colored t-shirt bra that feels like a second skin? There’s no way to win this one.

Hair Removal: Waxing, plucking, threading…don’t even get me started on bikini line maintenance. It seems like there’s no way around the pain that comes with yanking unwanted hair out of your skin. I’ve got some good news for you on this one though! Sally Hansen’s Ouch Relief Wax Strips for Body and Ouch Relief Wax Kit for Face and Body use a combination of ingredients which include cocoa extract, sugar and honey to remove hair on your arms, legs, bikini — anywhere! The best part is that results last for 8 amazing weeks and the ready-to-go strips already have wax on them. The wax strips are so easy to use, just be sure you use the pain-free wipes first then rub the strips between your hands to melt the wax, peel them apart, and go! Amen for an easy way to feel fabulous!

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