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Debt-Free College Students Make More Friends Than The Debt-Plagued


A study found that debt-free college students made more friends than the debt-riddled because of one simple fact: there was less at stake. An Indiana University study discovered that college students who didn’t have student loans spent less time studying, more time partying, networking and creating friendships that lasted well beyond college.

This makes perfect sense. If you’re like most Americans and riddled with debt you don’t have time to invest in your social life because you’re probably working a job, an internship (or both) and you’re probably less likely to take your education for granted because you are paying for it.

“These patterns could affect the social connections and networking students develop in college, where these relationships can lead to friendships, employment, marriage partners and other benefits,” IU sociology graduate student Daniel Rudel said in a news release.

This is bittersweet because while debt-free students aren’t working as hard they’re making significant social connections that can later provide them with employment, while students who don’t have the luxury of parents who can afford to pay out of pocket, will work harder academically, but miss out on essential networking.

Inside Higher Education reported that the higher the student’s debt the more likely they were to be a good student. I can totally relate to that amount of pressure. I accumulated a ton of debt while attending college and had a breakdown the one time I got an A- instead of an A in class because I thought I was failing myself but not having a perfect GPA since I was paying too much. That’s certainly no way to live and I wouldn’t encourage it. College is about the entire experience, that includes the social aspects, otherwise you could just go to the library and learn that way.

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