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How Even YOU Can Train for A 5K Fun Run [CC’s ShapeU]


Let’s face it, not all of us are runners. While it’s definitely the cheapest form of cardio (unless you get your gear from Lululemon, that is), running can be, well, boring! The idea of taking off on foot to loop back around in a complete circle, getting sweaty and tired in the process, is for some of us unappealing at best. And yet, running definitely has its benefits and an undeniable convenience that makes it a great way to work out. The problem is just getting the motivation to do it. For this reason, we turn to fun runs to make it all worth while, and motivate us to get out and train.

For anyone who is unfamiliar with the term: fun runs are organized events during which a large number of people, usually organized in teams or small groups of friends, get together and run a certain distance. Most of them have some kind of theme, like The Color Run or the Firefly Run, and all of them have an added level of fun to them (at least more so than running three miles around your block), hence the name “fun run.

These runs are also a great way to get started with a fitness routine. With a specific goal in mind, training becomes a lot easier, and a lot more rewarding! How many times have we set out to “improve our [insert some variant of ‘endurance,’ ‘stamina,’ ‘muscle tone,’ or ‘weight-loss’ here]” and never really got anywhere? Answer: more than we would like to admit. The key to a successful fitness regimen, particularly when it comes to running, is to establish a clear goal that you can work towards!  That’s why registering for a fun run is awesome for our motivation; it gives us a more tangible goal to work towards, and a more specific set of things to work on.

Check out this Shape Magazine sample 6-week training schedule for 5k runs here:

This is just one of the many possible training regimens you can use to get ready for a 5k fun run! Following a plan like this will help keep you on track and get you into a workout routine so you can keep working towards your goal.

Ready to race? Head to for a list of the Top Ten 5K Fun Runs! Check out some awesome races, find ones in your area and pick the one you like best!

Whether you’re running a 5k or a marathon, running through neon paint or dirty mud, building a workout schedule is the best way to work towards your personal fitness goal! Get with the latest trend in the world of running: register with your friends, get motivated to train, and have fun with a fun run!

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