Our Official Back to School Playlist Will Have You Pumped to Hit Campus

Summer’s coming to an end so you know what that means — back to school! In case you’re not ready, here are five signs you’ve had a lazy summer and now NEED school to be in session:

1. You haven’t woken up before noon in a month

2. You congratulate yourself for showering and putting on a bra even if you’re not going anywhere

3. The women of The View and other daytime talk shows have become your dearest friends

4. You’ve forgotten all your professors’ names from last semester

5. Facebook isn’t entertaining because no one is doing anything anymore

Now that you’re convinced, we couldn’t let you go back to school without the proper music to accompany you. We put together a Spotify playlist of the songs that will shape your fall semester, play at all the parties, and get you pumped up. Enjoy!

[Lead image via Aspen Photo/Shutterstock]

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