6 Must-Follow Pinners on Pinterest, Because Pinterest is My Life Now

I know I’m WAY late to the game, but guys — I really love Pinterest. Why did no one tell me how addictive this stupid site was? Or maybe you did and I just didn’t listen. Whatever. I’m here now.

But seriously, my inner monologue has turned into: “Ugh, why does [insert friend’s name here] want to get drinks after work tonight? Doesn’t she know I just want to go home, put on a face mask and hang out on Pinterest for six hours until I fall asleep spooning my iPad?” And I really don’t see a problem with this. Technically by becoming a shut-in I’m not spending money on a social life and am therefore effectively saving up for all the luxurious items I’ve pinned. My logic is flawless.

In celebration of my new obsession, I wanted to share with you guys my favorite Pinners and maybe get some recommendations from all of y’all!

1. Katie Armour– She’s cofounder of Matchbook Magazine, one of my fave sites, and her style is just so on-point.

2. Keep.com– My BFF told me about Keep.com, which is similar to Pinterest but is strictly for items you can purchase online. Their Pin boards are amazing and make you want to buy all the things.

3. Paper + Magic– A well edited collection of beautiful design ideas and must-have style finds.

4. Martha Stewart Living– I would be remiss not to include the Queen of All Things Lifestyle on my little list. Her recipes might not be the easiest to tackle, but dammit if they’re not delicious looking. (Bonus shout out to MS Weddings, because I know you all have a wedding board.)

5. Who What Wear– If fashion is your thing, look no further. These boards cover all the latest trends and celeb looks.

6. CollegeCandy– Because duh.

Now it’s your turn to tell me who to follow!! PS: Wanna follow me? Here are my boards!

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