Is Lady Gaga Exploiting Her Fans? Me Thinks, Yes

Lady Gaga is holding a contest for her fans where the winner gets to be her date to the iTunes Festival. The only problem is this isn’t a contest where you submit fan art or take a selfie dressed as Gaga or anything creative, the contest is quite literally who buys the most copies of ‘Applause.’

The Examiner notes that so far individual fans have spent up to $300 on ‘Applause.’ I’m sorry but I think that’s a little fucked up, Gaga. While Lady Gaga has a diverse array of fans, many, many of them are young people who probably don’t have enough money and probably shouldn’t be spending it all on buying a song MULTIPLE TIMES for the one in a million chance that they get to see Lady Gaga.

It’s not as if there is anything collect. It is not as if they buy all the copies of her V Magazine covers, which there are many different covers of, at least then the fan would have a bunch of different Gaga photos. Instead, Lady Gaga wants you to buy many, many copies of ‘Applause’ digitally or physically, which is of absolutely no value to the fan. The song doesn’t sound different each time you buy it.

This isn’t the first time she has pulled a “stunt” to garner more sales, “Two years ago, after the “Born This Way” album fell flat, Lady Gaga reduced the price to 99 cents and Billboard counted the sales. Due to the backlash, Billboard no longer counts albums that sell for less than three dollars.”

This is not only irritating, it’s pretty freaking pathetic. In order to drive up sales for your song, you’re going to exploit the people applauding for you, who love and adore you? There are so many different ways to hold a contest, even a contest where the intent is to bring awareness and good PR to her that doesn’t involve this level of uncreative using. That’s right, she is using her fans. Billboard already said that it doesn’t matter if a fan buys two copies they are counting each copy sold regardless of the owner.

This contest isn’t for her fans, it’s for herself. And she is kidding if she doesn’t think there isn’t some weirdo with a disposable income who buys 500 copies just to hangout with Gaga, deeming all of the efforts of young kids who spend their allowance or minimum wage, on trying to be a little closer to the woman who says she understands them, completely worthless.

So is this innocent or straight up exploitation?

Watch The Lyric Video For Applause


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