Myths About Men That Just Aren’t True [Dude’s List]

I’m sick and tired hearing about all of these ways to tell if a guy’s into you. There’s a ton of misinformation being given out there, and I’m sad to report some of it has been perpetuated by my gender. Dumbasses. Here are 11 myths about men that you can now consider busted! (NOTE: In honor of this week’s Dude’s List, please enjoy our gallery featuring movies where Scarlet Jo is trying to figure out if a guy’s into her or get him into her).

Sometimes he’s not the deciding factor. There will be nights where you get together and he doesn’t give any of these or any other “signs” or put on any “moves.” But he’s interested. And maybe you won’t care if you’re interested. What bugs the hell out of me about all of the signs on this list and others I’ve read is that usually all the signs that a guy’s into you qualifies him as a basically decent human being. So that’s the moral? If he’s a decent human being he probably wants to jump your bones? WTF? How about someone kisses someone and see if that works?

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