What Happened to Kid’s TV Shows? Let’s Remember Better Times, Shall We?

Last night, I sat down with my parents to do some channel surfing before my ride picked me up to go out. We flipped and chatted until my dad’s eye was caught on a television show on Disney Channel. He laughed and said, “Now that is a weird name for a show!” It was a show called Dog With A Blog. Yup! That’s right. It’s a sitcom about a talking dog that writes his own blog entries on his website.

Are you kidding me?

Have Hollywood writers just given up? I was so sad that this is what television had come to. Now don’t get me wrong, I gave the show a chance. We sat there and watched a good 15 minutes of the show until I finally said, “I cannot do this anymore. This is awful.”

I yearned for Boy Meets World and Saved By the Bell and Lizzie McGuire. I yearned for television shows that had substance for children and lessons to be learned and ideas of how to make kid’s lives better. Maybe I’m just jaded. Or maybe those shows weren’t exactly wonderful, and I’m just making them seem better than they were in my head.

That could be the case, but I think that 80’s and 90’s television was by far the peak of kid’s TV, and I miss it. This “Dog With A Blog” stuff is just nauseating. Check out the gallery below to remember the better days.

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